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Why you Should Use a Hand Sanitizer in Singapore

Did you know that Singapore is a humid country and that microbes and bacteria can easily spread? With Singapore’s humid climate, it is essential for its population to use hand sanitizers. This to avoid the spread of germs and diseases since there are many places with poor ventilation. According to the Health Promotion Board of […]

Food and Beverage

The Rise in Popularity of Pu Er Tea

The History of Pu-er and Some Interesting Facts to Consider Pu-er tea was first produced during the Tang Dynasty of China in 7th century. It is made from fermented and wilted tea leaves, which are then rolled into pellets. The resulting pu er tea can be aged, and it becomes darker in color with age. […]


Meet the Halal Hotel Industry of Singapore

Introduction to Halal Hotel Industry in Singapore The Halal hotel Industry is the fastest growing segment in the hospitality industry. It is driven by a growing Muslim population in Asia and the Middle East, which are projected to double by 2030. In order to cater to this growing demand, hoteliers need to understand the halal […]


Common Forms of Plastic Surgery

People are willing to go under the knife, as plastic surgery is commonly known as, for a wide variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include enhancing their facial or body features, removing scars or damaged skin, repairing damaged bones or features, and much more. There are actually many different forms of plastic surgery, and […]


Top Corporate Gifts For Executives

Corporate gifts are gifts given to employees, clients and customers during corporate events as a sign of good will, gratitude and thankfulness. There are many types of corporate gifts such as customised ez link card, promotional gifts, luxurious gifts and so on given to specific types of clients/ employees. When it comes to giving gifts […]